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When I first approached Simran, I was in a very dysregulated state physically as well as mentally. I was scared of everything. My body couldn't tolerate any supplements or new food items. You can imagine how scary it can all be. The reason why I approached her was because of her baby steps approach.

I needed not just her expertise, but also her compassion. And she has tons of both. 

I was smiling while she was explaining the matrix. Because I saw the amount of work she puts into every tiny detail. She even analysed how my birth trauma also has contributed to my health condition (I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, IBS, histamine intolerance, chronic anxiety and a ton of other symptoms). PS: I don't identify with any of these anymore after working with Simran.

She gives the most basic action steps. You would keep saying, "that's all!?" But the amount of change that brings your health is huge. For example, she asked me to gargle everyday. And you would think what it would do. But it has improved my digestion, my stress tolerance, reduced anxiety, and made me a calmer person. 

I trust her blindly because she always has reasons behind her action steps. The cherry on the cake is she doesn't expect you to follow them blindly. She patiently explains the 'whys'. I started trying new food items eventually. She has played a huge role in me getting rid of that fear.

She waited until I was ready. She never pushed saying, "YOU SHOULD." Now I have a healthy relationship with food and myself. 

Changes I noticed after working with her:
1. Bloating has gone from 10-3 in the first week itself. And now it's zero (TOUCHWOOD)
2. Digestion has improved a ton.
3. Body pain has reduced tremendously. Now i know pain is not a permanent thing I have to put up with.
4. Good skin, hair, and nails. (This is still a WIP. But there's a lot of improvement).
5. Health anxiety has gone down from 15/10 to 2/10.
6. Stopped being restless.
7. Learnt patience.
8. Tried new food items successfully (The list is long).
9. Overall, I became a happier person.

You keep hearing that you stumble upon certain people because you have a lot to learn from them, right. Simran is that person for me. She has been nothing but an inspiration and a leading light.

Mounika Thatakula - Bangalore

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"I came to Simran for healing my psychosis, and I am so grateful for the journey we have been on together. What amazes me the most is that after 38 years of consuming gluten and dairy, I am now living a gluten and dairy-free diet. Simran helped me take baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle, and today, I have changed my eating habits dramatically.
The benefits of this journey are endless. From being in deep depression to being an always-smiling woman, from feeling stressed to being in a relaxed mode, from having frizzy hair to having softer and heavier hair, and the list goes on. I am now more energetic, started exercising to reduce weight, have stronger nails, better sleep, more focus, and better concentration. I even have fewer junk food cravings.
Simran not only helped me change my habits but also helped me regain my confidence and ability to love myself in whatever body shape I am in today. Now, I am more centred, and there is inner happiness and contentment.
I am even eating out at gluten-free restaurants and enjoying my food while losing weight, getting healthier, and happier, and regaining my mental strength. It's wonderful! I am grateful to God that I found Simran, and now nothing seems impossible. Thank you, Simran, for your guidance and support on this healing journey!"
I am truly blessed to have found you.

Savinalini Vinayak- Punjab

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I have been consulting with Simran for 6 months now for digestive and inflammation related issues. I have been for many years suffering from acidity, ulcers, digestive and cholesterol issues and having been taking medicines for it. My sessions with Simran have been an eye opener on how I should be looking at my body holistically and she patiently explained how all of the different functions within the body are interconnected. Apart from the diet and lifestyle changes that she suggested, which have immensely helped, her thorough analysis of the past events and how she was able to make connections to the present issues have helped me very much. She is really good at what she does and I would highly recommend her for consulting on any health issues you might have. She has deep knowledge and insight about the functional medicine nutrition practice and patiently listens to everything and takes a steady approach to holistic healing.

Arun Prasad- Bangalore

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If you are dealing with health issues and just not able to find a solution, then Simran Gosain is the one to approach because she definitely has the answer to it.

I found Simran Gosain through Google. I read about Simran's personal bio and her life sounded so much like mine that I decided to go ahead and consult her.
I was dealing with painful gut issues.
Simran took every tiny detail of my health history and in every session she recommended small and achievable changes. She was clear and quick enough to identify the root cause of my issues. At the start of every session, she kept a track of improvements in my overall health.

Simran truly cares for her clients. All you have to do is to just trust your journey with her.

She is a sweetheart and talking to her feels like you are talking to a friend who listens to anything and everything. She was kind enough to even listen to all my personal life concerns.

I am just halfway through the program and I am doing absolutely amazing.
I totally recommend her. Thank you very much Simran. I am always grateful to you.


I was dealing with many health issues at the same time along with Irritative Bowel syndrome. I had absolute intolerance towards food that even a fruit would irritate my gut. Along with this, I had joints pain, bleeding of gums, lower back pain, frequent headaches in the day, breathlessness after meals, disturbed sleep and brain fog. Simran suggested small changes in my diet and lifestyle. Over the weeks, I noticed drastic improvement in my overall health and some of the issues that I was facing, just vanished!!

I always had extreme stomach cramping and lower back pain and diarrhea after eating food. Simran quickly figured out what was not serving my body. This is a big sigh of relief for me because earlier after meals I used to feel discomfort to just another level.Now all of these issues have just vanished.

She introduced me to lesser known superfoods. Along with this, a supplement also worked well for me.She always has solutions to all of my issues.

I'm doing absolutely amazing today and to anyone reading this review, please go ahead and consult Simran.

You will find your answers to all your unanswered questions about your health. Thank you very much , Simran!

Pearl Tauro- Dubai UAE

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

When I started my consultations with Simran, I was at the peak of being hypothyroid and experiencing a lot of its symptoms drastically. In my first session itself she was super reassuring and positive, and speaking to her instantly put me at ease. In the first 4 weeks with Simran I experienced noticeable changes in my physical and mental state. Simran is really easy to talk to, with zero judgements and extremely knowledgeable. Her practice of starting slow and introducing small changes at every step makes the whole process more effective and sustainable. I am excited to be on this journey of a lifestyle shift with Simran and look forward to working with her over the next six months.

Six months later:

I was referred to Simran post a complete thyroid removal surgery. During my first consult with her I was experiencing severe symptoms of hypothyroidism, including extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, weight gain, edema and more. My initial work with Simran included a very detailed medical and health history, the analysis of which was eye opening and incredibly informative. Simran follows a very slow and steady approach, and the small changes she asked me to make week on week have ended up bringing about such massive changes, and I don't even realise it then. I started off with mainly wanting to lose the excess weight and getting fit but in the process I realised that weight loss is only a byproduct of all the other more impactful and long-lasting changes brought about to my lifestyle. One of the first tasks she set for me was to add a breakfast shake, and in the initial two weeks I found it really hard to stick to just that as my breakfast, so she asked me to have a smaller portion of my regular breakfast (idli/dosa/poha etc.) along with the shake. After a week or so I realised I didn't need to eat any of the regular breakfast dishes, and just the shake was super filling and kept me full and energetic right up until lunch time, better than any other carb heavy breakfast did. This was just one of the changes, there have been so many more over the past 6 months that I have worked with her. In terms of going gluten free (another initial task set by Simran), I went so slow with the elimination (as it was really difficult for a bread lover like me) but Simran always encouraged me, even if it was a 5% elimination week on week. It took me 4.5 months to eliminate gluten from my diet and it didn't feel like an effort at all by the end of it, since we went slow with the progress. In a matter of a few months I have noticed my energy levels shoot up, fatigue is no more an issue, weight loss, and general overall improvement in health, digestion, lifestyle. For my bi-annual thyroid profile check I had to get off of my thyroid medication for 4 weeks, and that was when I truly noticed the benefits of Simran's coaching. Even though my TSH levels were at a high of 98 at the end of the 4 weeks, I never felt the fatigue, edema or tiredness this time around. I followed all of her tips and teachings which kept me in good health and spirit all through the four weeks (with only really mild symptoms towards the end of the 4 weeks) and I bounced back within days of restarting my medication. This is something I am truly grateful to Simran for. Her mantra of start low and go slow really worked wonders for me and I am certain that the changes I have brought about to my life over the past 6 months will continue to remain with me long after my sessions with her. Thank you Simran for being such a good support system!

Sudha Rao- Bangalore

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I found out about Simran mam through online. It's been roughly 2 months since I started her treatment regime to solve my 8 year long digestive issues. I have seen hundreds of doctors in all these years but most doctors abandoned me as they had no clue what was happening to me. When I contacted Simran mam , she assured me she can help me. I didn't fully believe it until I started working with her. Her approach and her agendas are very unique and very promising. Baby step approach is something very practical to follow and she stresses this every time. She is not the kind to give you plenty of action steps at a time and expects us to follow those perfectly. She doesn't expect us to be perfect but wants us to make progress. Thats why her approach didnot put a great deal of pressure in me. She was there for every step. If I got stuck at any point, she was there ready to discuss about it and find a solution. She made me feel positive and great about myself by appreciating all the efforts that I did, however small it may be. She has formed unique ways in figuring out the root cause of health issue. She spends enough time to thoroughly understand about the nature and intensity of the issue before beginning the treatment, which I haven't seen in any of the practitioners before. I feel that this is the most crucial step. She doesn't just care about the physical health but ready to offer help in case of emotional disturbances too.Her way of treatment makes us to see how body and mind are interrelated.

Sakthi Akila - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I came to Simran, completely resigned, depressed and with tons of issues, ranging from ankylosing spondylitis to unbearable stomach aches, anxiety, mood swings, infections and food intolerances. I had tried everything and was taking 10 different pills for each of these issues. I was slowly giving up on life. Simran, made me understand that all of my issues were linked to inflammation and hence to my gut. She noticed that my anxiety was very high, nearly 9/10. She prescribed me slow but sustainable lifestyle changes in baby steps. They worked like a miracle. My energy returned. Anxiety was down to 2 or 3, my sleep improved. Then she made slow changes to my food and eating habits. That was the game changer. Many of my gut issues like acidity, constipation, gas completely disappeared. I was able to tolerate foods better. Soon there was drastic improvement in my mood. As a bonus, I lost weight too. She recommended me to work with a chiropractor and a trauma therapist. Working with them had me realise, how much I needed those alternate treatment plans and how all of my issues were interlinked, affecting every aspect of my life. We are half way through the journey and I already feel healthy and confident that I’ll be able to turn my life around for better. She’s not only a good holistic health practitioner but also a very committed human being. She’s been there through my lows and highs and available whenever I was having a hard time. She always comes back with a solution to each of my issues - and it’s all through little changes to lifestyle, food and few supplements. I look forward to the rest of my journey with Simran and finding my energy and life back. Thank you, Simran!

Sonam Rai - Bangalore

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'Simran has been instrumental in my healing journey. I have suffered from eczema and other skin conditions like acne almost throughout my life. After many failed attempts over the years to cure or manage my eczema by consulting with dermatologists, it only seemed to be getting worse. This really spurred me on to get to the root cause of my issues so I decided to consult with a wholistic practitioner. From the onset, Simran was very methodical and thorough in unraveling my medical and health history. She is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and its effect on positive health outcomes. She came up with a diet plan that was exactly what I needed to bring down the inflammation in my body and within the first couple of weeks, a majority of my symptoms had disappeared. This really opened my eyes to how powerful diet is as part of my healing journey. She supported me with information about supplementing and other lifestyle changes that would positively impact my health. It has been an on-going effort for me to maintain my eczema with diet and lifestyle changes that suit me best as an individual. I would highly recommend a consult with Simran. Not only is she very professional, she’s also a lovely person to work with.’

Maithreyi Ramdas- Singapore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

Simran has a meticulous approach in understanding your history and background. She then recommends small, achievable changes to your diet and routine that have a large impact on your overall health. I'm glad that I consulted her and am now on a path to better health.

Devika Mathur - Bangalore

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I am An MS(Multiple Sclerosis)patient and had a whole lot of issues to be taken care of , and My first session with Simran gave me the confidence that I have come to the Right person., she gave me a Very patient hearing and got to the Root cause , n trigger factors of my problems and has been addressing them Very Well , already feel like I am on the right track of treatment and Very Hopeful , All thanks to Simran.

Heeru Dhawan - Hyderabad

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

My journey with Simran began when I was looking for a long term, sustainable approach to my concerns related to food intake, thyroid function and reproductive health. In my sessions with her, I found that she not only does a deep dive into your hereditary and genetic predispositions but also views functional health as something that needs to be addressed ground up, without merely treating the symptoms of a problem. She is empathetic, knowledgeable and I found her very easy to speak with. Simran’s approach places equal onus on the client’s involvement and she helped me take ownership for decisions regarding my diet, sleep, exercise and lifestyle. If you are looking for a functional nutritionist who believes in gradual lifestyle changes and works towards building your wellness goals for the long term, look no further!

Medha Rao - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I contacted Simran with issues like thyroid, sinusitis, sleep disturbances and gastric issues. First she took effort to have a thorough understanding of my overall health history and my daily routine with the help of a tool. She suggested few changes every week and some do’s and don’ts which are easy to adapt. I could find good changes with my sleep and gastric issues. Few exercises and practices have helped me to reduce my sinus issues and better energy levels too.I had uninterrupted sleep after that and less bloating. Most important thing is she spends time and listens to our issues in detail which is very interactive and takes time to explain us the reason for following the suggested steps. She is good at responding to messages if we have any doubts. Thank you for helping me improve my health with simple lifestyle changes and food habits.

Divya Narayanan - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

I found out about Simran via Google search, when I was actually looking for clinical nutritionist. At that time I did not understand much about functional nutrition. It was only after talking to Simran, I had more clarity about the topic and how a functional nutrition assessment will help in overall healing and help one understand about oneself and its importance. I have associated with Simran since a month. I sought her help for weight loss. During our weekly discussions, she suggested very minor subtle changes that I could easily adapt and I have started taking baby steps to a healthy me. In about10 days after I started adapting her suggestions,I noticed that I was feeling more lighter and active. Following the suggestions, now I am more relaxed and I have started losing weight, slowly. I weighed 100 kg and today I weigh 2.5 kg less. I feel more energetic and I do not worry like before. My knees hurts much lesser and light and nice to walk. Felt like running today. Thank you Simran, you have helped me understand myself better.

Anuradha Sreevathsa (Gynaecologist) - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"It´s the little lifestyle changes that make a big difference. In this transformational journey with Simran, I was able to discard old habits and establish new routines that impacted my moods, behavior and overall health. I would recommend a one on one session with Simran to my family and friends who are also working to improve their thyroid condition."

Kanchana Mirpuri - Dubai

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Simran Gosain has been so instrumental in guiding me on my journey towards living a healthy life. She re iterates the importance of taking slow but sure steps and embraces the truth that life does in fact get in the way and that’s ok! She’s taught me the right way to consume my food effectively and achieve maximum benefits just by switching up some usual routines. She focuses on details you would never think are important and shows you how small nuances affect your present health status. I’m glad I stumbled upon her , although I wish I had found her way earlier in my life , but better late than never as they say. Working with a functional nutritionist like Simran will definitely help you on your journey to discover new simple ways of living , being consistent with the tips that she provides will positively impact the way you live for the rest of your life. I give her a full thumbs up to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of living."

Shaama Ghungroo- Bangalore

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"When I was referred to you, was more thinking of a dietician (weight loss etc). With the past few months, you have been able to transform my eating habits to one from being inconsistent/erratic/fad based diets to one which is structured and got me in tune with my body. I used to be always concerned as to what I can eat and not , used to be always worried on that count. Today, I know what I can eat and what I should should eat. Thank you."

Ajesh Kumar Shankar - Bangalore

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"Being a former athlete and working in Investment Banking, I would need to be in the pink of both mental and physical health. However, I had quickly gained weight, felt really tired, had increasing levels of thyroid despite taking medicines regularly and also my cholesterol and other lipid profile levels were off, added to other issues like dry skin etc. After Simran's extensive fact finding session, she recommended that I completely stay away from gluten foods and also stay away from diary. By doing this, in two weeks, I felt the positive effects - my energy was back and I did not feel tired, while all my lipid profile levels started normalising, while bowel movement was more smooth. And I did not even need medicines!  Gluten was the culprit and Simran found it. Thank you."

Naveen Thomas - Kuwait City

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Simran really changed how I felt about my body. Even the smallest lifestyle changes have made such a huge impact on my body. I feel and look good. She helped me make a huge shift in my mind which helped me physically and emotionally. She's my goto person for help! Thaaanks Simran!"

Pooja Gangwani - Banglore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I have had 3 sessions with you and what I like about you is your thoroughness on finding out about me in all aspects: physical, emotional & mental. Many a times practitioners focus on one and not the other but I feel you have me covered at all angles. It's still too soon and I have yet to see significant results but I have a strong sense that you are gonna put me on the right track with long term benefits to me as a whole instead of quick fixes which don't last very long. 

I also like the go slow start low strategy where simple shifts are made and adapted to in a week. They are doable and not overwhelming, baby steps. 

It also always feels very warm speaking to you - There is compassion and it shows you care and definitely love what you do!"

Deepa Nainani - Hong Kong

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Very knowledgeable and patient. Learnt a lot from her and made lifestyle changes that she suggested which improved my health."

Rohini Shivakumar - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I consulted Simran to heal my mother's autoimmune disorder. Within one month of consultation, my mother's mood and sleep improved tremendously and after two months of following her tips religiously my mother's autoimmune disorder were treated completely without any medication. We followed a yoga diet and meditation regime and boom mom was completely healthy !! I highly recommend Simran Gosain, she is truly an expert !!"

Puneet Vinayak- Punjab

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"When I initially went to Simran, I had a few gut issues and some weight gain which I needed to address. Simran was able to help me identify where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to correct my health issues. Happy to say that it's been a couple of years that my health has really been stable and even when some issue crops up, I am able to handle the same without panicking.
Thank you, Simran. For all the knowledge and support that you share 💕."

Manjit Kochar - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I usually go for my master health check once a year,I remember about about 4 years back when I went for master health check all my vitals were ok but what shocked me the most was my HBA1C WAS 13.and the doctors told me that's it to high and I would need medication or even hospitalisation.
I told the doctors to give me sometime and spoke to my wife about it.
Believe me I didn't want to take medicine and then decided to go to a health coach who would heal me from this problem of getting my HBA1C Down and my blood sugar levels
Since I new Simran really well I asked her if she could help and then knowing her she told me that she is willing to treat me and help me reduce my sugars but i would need to change my life style and eating habits.
I was put on a very health diet plan and had to walk every day.
Initially the sugar was not coming down but as I followed Simran with full trust , to my stock my HBA1C COME DOWN TO 7.1 IN JUST 3 MONTHS WITHOUT MEDICATIONS.
Hey Simran i truly thank you and hope and pray that you would be able to touch many more hearts and cure them.
She is a knowledgeable lady with lot of clarity.
God bless and be happy."

Rajesh Chugani - Hyderabad

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Simran Gosain is brilliant at what she does. My wife has taken her services. She has seen phenomenal results. Her chronic back pain vanished and Energy levels increased and as a side effect her weight also reduced. Simran has deep understanding about human body. Thank you Simran"

Sarath Nair - Mumbai

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Discovering Simran was one of the best things I could have done for my health! Working with her was easy and seeing changes in how I felt as a direct result of what she implemented was incredibly encouraging. She is patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Working with her provided me the necessary information to take back control of my health. I can recommend her without any hesitation."

Omar Mohd - Hyderabad

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"My experience with Simran has been life changing. By doing a regular body checkup I realised my sugar was borderline cholesterol was high
I had elevated blood markers in my body I was overweight by at least 15 kgs which is When I was recommended to meet Simran

She’s an outstanding person and gets into details, help you sort out your issue

With her treatment today all my body issues, weight issues have disappeared
All this without any medicines, she had to develop not only proper diet but a proper lifestyle

Unlike other nutritionist she puts in 150% and make sure you get your desired result

Hence I strongly recommend that if you have any health issues, weight issues, skin issues you must contact her"

Rohit Chugani - Hyderabad

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"Simran's approach is simple and clear. I enrolled my then 7 year old daughter and myself for her program and we both have benefited not only health wise but learnt a lot about the right usage of food. Ever grateful to Simran for her support professionally and personally. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!"

Samira Salaam - Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I had an eating disorder, which I wanted to overcome. I went to several doctors and nobody understood what my actual problems were. They just gave me pills. Finally I reached out to you and you were the first one who understood what I went through and could help me out. I feel I have given my body the right nourishment that it deserved, all thanks to you."

Simran Chug- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I got one bald patch on my head(Alopecia Areata) and later on itching and urticaria. Simran listened to all my pains patiently and started with the baby steps to improve the basic things in my body. She even heard me patiently when I had a disturbed sleep and asked me with some action plans which am doing still. Suggested not to react on any worries and just let it be until it harms me. 
Simran you are doing good please keep helping people and pull them up holding their hand if they are drowning."

Apipriya- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"It has been a very good journey from fat to fit with you.. you give personal attention to each client. You motivate them in a very subtle way. You deeply concerned about your client and see to it that they are comfortable."

Namrata Sadarangani- Mumbai

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I am trying to achieve wellness post my cancer treatment and your sessions have helped me become mindful about what I eat and how I feel. The Sessions have helped in understanding my body a little better. it is the beginning of a journey of wellness."

Meenakshi- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I was suffering from Eye pain, eye itching, runny nose, sneezing, throat irritation, cough (weekly once), skin burning, hives on skin, itching all over the body, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair fall, knee pain, constipation. Among these my skin burning 30% reduced, sneezing reduced, throat irritation, cough and constipation reduced."

Nethra Babu- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I came to Simran primarily because I noticed my lifestyle, my health, and the way I felt every day go on a downward spiral. I was experiencing inflammation, pains in the joints, gut issues, fatigue, and lethargy. I was not able to sit on many days for work with a clear mind. I was operating at lower than half of my capability. This shouldn't be the case with someone, especially at my age. With Simran, I was able to identify some of the lifestyle activities and food habits that were making things worse and add new things in which made me feel a lot better. It's amazing what a few simple addition and subtraction to your diet and lifestyle can do for you. Do get in touch with Simran if you are looking to transform and reach your health goals sustainably."

Darell Khin- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I started working with you, out of a desire to control the weight fluctuations I have been experiencing every year, and to get my sleeping pattern and energy levels in order. Since seeking your counsel, I have felt more energetic and have seen an improvement in the quality of my sleep. My increased energy levels have lead me to start exercising more, which I think will ultimately help me lose weight, and also maintain it. Your service was definitely of value to me, as it gave me clear direction to achieving my personal health goals."

Eden Shankar- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I came to you with low energy sleeplessness, bolting body pains. Now I am getting good sleep, energy levels are better, Anxiety has reduced significantly, poop quality has improved & I am able to handle stress better. But I have still body pains specially right side neck and shoulder."

Sucharita Cheedella- Hyderabad

Testimonials: Client Testimonial

"I approached Simran who was recommended to me through my yoga teacher, with a request for a weight reduction program. I wanted to lose weight because my doctor had suggested that would help reduce the strain on my knees and my back (for which I’d had had 3 surgeries in 10 months) In six months under her supervision I had lost 5 kilos and now I have only another 3 to go.

Simran’s individually tailored approach helps. It’s all about changing lifestyles for we often continue with certain behaviour patterns regardless of whether they are healthy or not. For example, celebrations, according to her, are often linked with Food! Food! Food! And often we are groaning around festivals in India, which are so centred around food. Why can we not celebrate in a healthy manner instead of stuffing ourselves? Maybe have a picnic or an activity. It made sense to me, for often we associate food with celebrations and since it is prepared with so much love and care, we indulge.

Secondly, she gives explanations which helped me a lot. Again, we are told to chew twenty times but why? There is a scientific explanation. When we chew, the saliva’s digestive enzymes make it easier for the stomach to work, besides of course making the food more flavourful. And it does decrease the risk of overeating. That appealed and I found I was getting satisfied with what I was eating with less quantity as I brought my focus to chewing.

I now am not tempted with salty snacks which I am so fond of eating. I space my timings, eat two hours before I sleep and generally am more aware of the balanced diet with proteins, carbs and fibre. . And with the weight loss comes a renewed confidence that I can do this.

Thank you Simran."

Maya Jayapal- Bangalore

Testimonials: Client Testimonial
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